CP Mac's Engineering LTD offer an extensive line of custom built designed conveyors to fit almost any application increasing distribution and manufacturing operations. With our components, attention to detail, and intelligent designs, we pride ourselves in providing a service to our clients which is second to none.


Conveyors are used to transport products between two or more locations. Whilst all conveyors are similar in function, every conveyor is unique to its own set of issues. We offer a comprehensive range of conveying systems.


Conveyors - Custom built designed conveyor systems & installation - Belt Conveyors, Portable Conveyors, Roller Conveyors


  holds a product until a specified pre-condition is met, then released.
  used to transport products by manually pushing with little resistance, or tilting the conveyor to allow the product to roll away without an external power source.
  used to shift a product by a moving belt. Available in slider bed and roller bed configurations using a variety of belts to accommodate the product.
  using a belt conveyor to transport products between different elevations i.e. between floors in a building.
  provide excellent service for a variety of applications.
  A combination of gravity conveyors and rack designed for picking operations.
  used in a wide variety of industries providing flexibility in loading, unloading, or different levels of operation.
  uses powered rollers to convey the product. The rollers are powered by a belt, O-rings, or chains depending on the capacity required.
  Used to divert product from one conveyor line to another.

Conveyor accessories and replacement parts can help you customise and refine your conveyor increasing distribution and manufacturing operations.



Ball Transfer Tables
Caster Support
Conveyor Gates
Conveyor Guard Rails
Conveyor Rails
Conveyor Safety Guards
Floor Supports & Stands
Package Stops
Sorters & Pushers
Turntables & Plows



If a conveyor or accessory is not listed, our experienced staff work hand-in-hand with clients to develop individual requirements, which are designed and built to your specifications.


We continue to enhance our current product lines as well as develop new products and accessories for the marketplace. We are constantly searching for ways to outperform ourselves.

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